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Concentrated Scented Oils!!

Concentrated Oils are Made in America:


If you are placing a order on our website it DOES NOT INCLUDE THE POSTAGE NOR the discount!! The total price THAT SHOWS UP 

at check out will be FOR the product ONLY.. ALSO when you pay with a Credit / Debit Card those card #'s do not come to us.. 

They go to Pay Pal then that money is transferred to us.. SO this is why we need a Credit / Debit Card for the shipping!!

OR just E Mail us the order along with your Name, Address, Phone number, Card Number, Expiration date, 3 digit code on back to [email protected] IF you are not comfortable putting your card information in a E Mail call us, or we will call you 

when we receive your order... We run cards the day orders are shipped!

As we do not know what the Postage will be until it is packaged, and taken to the shipper!!!

We accept Credit / Debit card, and OR Money Order for the total..

If you use a Money Orders these orders WILL NOT be shipped till we get that Money Order!!

Our Concentrated Scented Oils Are All


I am happy to say with these Oils 2 weeks, or more I can still smell them, and yes I use them at my house.

With 150 + Concentrated Oils to choose from. Our Oil can be used not only in our Warmers / Plug In, 

your misters, tea-light, & the Vase that hold the Scent Sticks.

Most variety of Oil come in the 1/2 oz. as people likes to try different scents..

We do carry some Scents in the 4 oz. size!! You can request a Scent in 4 oz., and that would be a special order. So there will be a $8.00 non refundable deposit before we place that order! The total price on the 4 oz. size is $11.00

Also if you have a favorite we are now able to get it in a 16 oz. size BUT FOR US TO ORDER THIS SIZE (due to the cost to us)

THERE WILL BE A $30.00 non refundable DEPOSIT!! Then we will order it on our next order.. The total price of a 16 oz. size is $38.00.

We have been told by some of our customers that certain Oils will keep away these critters!!!

Ants, Arthritis (Home Remedies), Calms Anxiety, Fire Ants, Foot Odor, Head Lice, Mice, Migraines, Mosquitoes, No See Ums, Roaches, Spiders, & Ticks!!

They do not like the smell!! Just put one (1) part Oil, & two (2) parts Water in a spray bottle.. Shake it, and spray around your door jams, on your arms, shoes, socks, & pant legs!! Depending on what you are trying to keep away as to which Oil you use!

Here are some Oils they buy, and swear it works!! We sell a lot of these Oils to Customers for this purposes, and also in their 

Warmer, & Plug In!!

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Cinnamon, & Peppermint to keep away Ants they do not like the smell. The report said to use ½ teaspoon, but (I say 1 Tb.) of Oil to 1 cup of water. Wipe down around doors, windows, or where they might be coming in your house! You can also use it in a “Spray Bottle” and spray around windows, & doors!!

Arthritis & Joint Pain: Study say that this combination of oil will help:

Peppermint, Eucalyptus mixed with Olive Oil. Mix 5 to 10 drops of each Peppermint, & Eucalyptus, and add to 1 to 2 Tb. spoons of Olive oil.  Then rub into the joint.  Keep remainder in a dark bottle. 

Calms  Anxiety:

Chamomile! Put it in your warmer, 

or on a cotton ball and breath it!!  

Fire Ants:

Orange Oil, Blue Dawn Dish Soap, Water! 2 oz. Orange Oil, 2 oz. Blue Dawn Dish Soap. and 1 Gal. Water. Mix good, and pore in hill. 

Foot Odors:

Peppermint, Tea Tree, & Eucalyptus!

Mix together spray in shoes, or drop a drop of each in shoes, and put Oil in foot bath, & soak feet.

Head Lice:

Tea Tree Oil a few drops in the shampoo, or spray it on the head before going out! 

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Mice, & Spiders:

Cedar, Lemongrass, & Peppermint!

Just put one (1) part Oil, and two (2) parts water in a spray bottle shake it up an spray it around your door jams, or outside!!


Peppermint Oil put a drop, or two on the back of your neck, and on your temples! 


Lemon, Eucalyptus, Tea Tree, & Peppermint!

Just put one (1) part Oil, and two (2) parts water in a spray bottle shake it up spray on body. OR mix a couple drops of each in hands, and rub on arms an face!!

No See-ums:

​Citronella Berry! Put it in a spray bottle one (1) part oil and two (2) parts water. Spray on your body, or clothing! 

Spiders, & Roaches:

Peppermint, & Clove!

Just put one (1) part Oil, and two (2) parts water in a spray bottle shake it up an spray!! 


Tea Tree, Lemongrass, Eucalyptus, & Peppermint! Just put one (1) part Oil, and two (2) parts water in a spray bottle shake well an spray shoes, socks, & pant legs!! This is safe for Pets!! Or Peppermint Oil use straight on the Tick!

Oder in Autos / House:

Eucalyptus absorbs the oder. It has been known to even take out cigarette smell in most cases.

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If an Oil is out of stock it will be marked (OUT), BUT will be on our next order! We try to place orders every two (2) to three (3) weeks (as our suppliers have a minimum money amount before they will ship them). So if you have a favorite scent do let us know so we can have it in stock!!

Concentrated Scented Oil:

We now have a 4 oz. size in some Oil!! The Company says it is 100% undiluted, unbleached, alcohol free, concentrated, AND is also body safe!

Someone order a 4 oz. Oils then didn't come back!! This is why now we collect a $8.00 nonrefundable deposit on the 4 oz. for us to order it for you.. 

We carry:

Chamomile: ½ oz. $3.50

Cedar: ½ oz. $3.50, & 4 oz. $11.00

Cinnamon: ½ oz. $3.50, & 4 oz. $11.00

Citronella Berry:  1/2 oz. $3.50, & 

4 oz. $11.00 

Clove: ½ oz. $3.50, & 4 oz. $11.00

Eucalyptus: ½ oz. $3.50, & 4 oz. $11.00

Lemon: ½ oz. $3.50, & 4 oz. $11.00

Lemongrass: ½ oz. $3.50, & 4 oz. $11.00

Orange: ½ oz. $3.50, & 2 oz.  $5.50

Peppermint: ½ oz. $3.50,  & 4 oz. $11.00

Tea Tree: ½ oz. $3.50 & 4 oz. $11.00

We can get any of these Scents in a 16 oz. bottle with a non refundable cash deposit  of $30.00 for the 16 oz.  along with your name, & phone number! The 16 oz. are $38.00

Learn More

Bottle: 4 oz. $11.00 ea.

We do have some customers that likes the 2 oz. size, so if I need something from this distributor I will reorder this size.. As they have gone up on their minimum orders so I did order that much anymore!! SO IF there isn't a RED D after the name they are $5.50 ea. bottle.. Only the Scent that are DISCOUNTED are MARKED with a RED (D), and they are $4.00 each until they are gone.. We are going to the 4 oz. size, BUT will not carry a lot! We can get it for you though within a week. I place the orders on Monday, and we get them (in a normal week no holiday's) on Friday. An then we would have them at the market on Sunday.

You can E Mail me your order along with your name, address, phone #, credit card info then we can give you the total with the discount.

4 oz. Scented Concentrated Oil

We now have 4 oz. bottles of Oil, BUT WILL NOT carry a large selection in this size..The most will be the 1/2 oz. size, BUT we can get any scent 

in a 4 oz. AND 16 oz. size with a cash deposit.. 

So if you have a favorite that you would like in a larger size E Mail me or catch us at the market.. An I will get it on our next order!! The Company says that these Oils are 100% undiluted, unbleached, & alcohol free!! An are body safe!! ALSO when using the Oil in your Warmer / Plug 

In KEEP the light on low. The higher it is the faster the Oil absorbs, and if the dish goes dry 

it could cause it to brake.. If the oil gets to where you can not smell the scent GENTLY SWISH IT WITH A Q TIP to refresh it!!

4 oz. Scented Concentrated Oil

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  • ScO - 060 Cedar
  • ScO - 069 China Rain 
  • ScO - 074 Cinnamon   OUT
  • ScO - 076 Citronella  Berry 
  • ScO - 081 Clove   OUT
  • ScO - 107 English Lavender  

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  • ScO - 111 Eternity Calvin Klein (MEN)
  • ScO - 112 Eucalyptus OUT
  • ScO - 154 Lavender OUT
  • ScO - 157 Lemon 
  • ScO - 159 Lemongrass 

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  • ScO - 185 Musk (MEN)
  • ScO - 192 Ocean Breeze 
  • ScO - 202 Patchouli 
  • ScO - 207 Peppermint
  • ScO - 214  Plumeria 
  • ScO - 243 Tea Tree

Bottle: 1/2 oz. $3.50 ea.


Have had good reviews about it so thought we would try it.  

You can E Mail us your order along with your name, address, phone #, credit card info then we can give you that

 total, & shipping. If an Oil is marked (OUT) it will be in on the next order. So if it is something that you want please

 let me know so I can pull it when it comes in!  I just order 2 maybe 3 bottles of a scent at a time so we keep the stock rotated! 

1/2 oz. Concentrated Oil

Just make sure that you check the dish about 2 to 7 days depending on how high you have the light. As it will evaporate, and you don't want the dish to go dry. As this could cause the dish to brake.

1/2 oz. Concentrated Oil



* ScO 003 African Rain

* ScO 005 All Spice

* ScO 006 Almond 

* ScO 007 Amaretto

* ScO 011 Ambrosia

* ScO 021 Autumn Harvest


* ScO 026 Balsam Fir

* ScO 027 Banana Nut Bread

* ScO 029 Bay Rum 

* ScO 030 Bayberry

* ScO 032 Bergamot 

* ScO 034 Bird's of Paradise

* ScO 284 Black Cherry 

* ScO 038 Black Magic 

* ScO 040 Black Tea

* ScO 041 Black Violet

* ScO 044 Blue Cedar 

* ScO 053 Buttery Maple


* ScO 060 Cedar

* ScO 061 Chamomile   OUT 

* ScO 062 Chanel # 5

* ScO 277 Chantilly Lace

* ScO 064 Cherry 

* ScO 065 Cherry Almond

* ScO 066 Cherry Pie 

* ScO 069 China Rain

* ScO 071 Chocolate Mint

* ScO 074 Cinnamon

* ScO 076 Citronella Berry    

* ScO 078 Citrus Delight   OUT

* ScO 081 Clove  OUT

* ScO 085 Coconut  

* ScO 086 Coffee

* ScO 087 Coffee Cake & Spice

* ScO 088 Cookies & Cream

* ScO 090 Cotton Candy  

* ScO 091 Cotton Clean  

* ScO 098 Crystal Blue

* ScO 102 Cypress Grass & Mint   


* ScO 103 Dragons Blood    


* ScO 106 Egyptian Musk

* ScO 107 English Lavender

* ScO 111 Eternity by Calvin Klein (Men)

* ScO 112 Eucalyptus  


* ScO 115 Flowering Bamboo 

* ScO 116 Forest Pine   

* ScO 118 Frankincense

* ScO 2000 Frankincense & Myrrh

* ScO 121 French Vanilla  

* ScO 123 Fresh Ginger

* ScO 124 Fruit of the Forest


* ScO 127 Gardenia  OUT​

* ScO 128 Ginger Peach 

* ScO 129 Gingerbread   

* ScO 130 Golf (Men)

* ScO 134 Green Tea


* ScO 136 Hawaiian Ginger 

* ScO 137 Hawaiian Rain 

* ScO 141 Honeysuckle 

* ScO 142 Hugo Boss (Men)


* ScO 144 Indian Summer

* ScO 145 Island Rain  


* ScO 270 Jamaican Love 

* ScO 148 Jasmine  

* ScO 280 Japanese Cherry Blossom 


* ScO 151 Kitchen Bouquet


* ScO 154 Lavender 

* ScO 155 Lavender Magic 

* ScO 156 Lavender Rain 

* ScO 157 Lemon

* ScO 158 Lemonade

* ScO 159 Lemongrass 

* ScO 162 Lilac  

* ScO 163 Lily of the Valley 

* ScO 166 Love & Luck by (Ed Hardy) (Men)


* ScO 172 Magnolia  

* ScO 182 Mistletoe 

* ScO 273 Moon Milk

* ScO 184 Mulberry

* ScO 185 Musk (Men)  

* ScO 186 Myrrh


* ScO 187 Nag Champa  OUT

* ScO 188 Narcissus 

* ScO 189 Nautica Ocean by Eau De Toilette Spray (Men) 


* ScO 191 Obsession

* ScO 192 Ocean Breeze 

* ScO 194 Orange

* ScO 195 Orange Vanilla

* ScO 196 Oriental Amber

* ScO 197 Oxygen   


* ScO 198 Paris Springtime 

* ScO 201 Passion Flower

* ScO 202 Patchouli 

* ScO 203 Peach

* ScO 206 Pear Berry 

* ScO 207 Peppermint 

* ScO 208 Pikake Flower 

* ScO 210 Pineapple

* ScO 211 Pink Grapefruit   

* ScO 213 Pleasure (Estee Lauder Women)

* ScO 214 Plumeria 

* ScO 217 Private Collection 

* ScO 218 Pumpkin Pie 

* ScO 219 Purple Rain   


* ScO 220 Rain Forest

* ScO 223 Red Hot Mama

* ScO 225 Rose

* ScO 226 Rosemary


* ScO 227 Safari Nights 

* ScO 228 Sandalwood

* ScO 229 Sea Salt

* ScO 230 Seashore

* ScO 232 Sex on the Beach

* ScO 233 Spearmint

* ScO 234 Spice Kitchen

* ScO 236 Sugar Cookie

* ScO 237 Summer Nights 

* ScO 242 Sweet Pea 

* ScO 272 Sycamore & Sage


* ScO 243 Tea Tree

* ScO 245 Tropical Island

* ScO 247 Tulip

* ScO 271 Twilight Woods     


* ScO 250 Vanilla 

* ScO 251 Vanilla Bean ​ OUT

* ScO 252 Vanilla Hazelnut

* ScO 253 Vanilla Lace (VS)  

* ScO 256 Vienna Cafe'


* ScO 257 Waikiki Sunset 

* ScO 260 White Diamonds (E. Taylor) 

* ScO 261 White Lily Rain

* ScO 262 White Linen 

* ScO 263 White Tea

* ScO 264 Wild Flowers

* ScO 265 Wild Green Fig 

* ScO 275 White Ginger Spice

* ScO 276 White Plum     

* ScO 287 Woodland Sage 


* F - Stress Relief ($5.50)